As an art teacher, my goal is to help students develop new language with which they are able to connect to their visual world.

Art education is vital for every developing citizen. It helps students become knowledgeable navigators within this highly visual world. As our world grows increasingly more visually stimulating every day, art education assists children with learning how to analyze and understand their complex visual surroundings. Students learn to explore their world with new eyes, carefully examining the vast array of visual information made available to them each day. Through the visual arts, I hope to teach students how to scrutinize the visual world and use the information they discover to express themselves visually.
My goal as an art educator is to give students the opportunity to fully comprehend their visual world, in order to help them derive personal meaning through visual self-expression. In this way, the visual arts give children the power to identify, understand and influence their own visual environment, empowering them as members of a local, national and global community . Through art education, I hope to help bring students in touch with the world of art while connecting them to their world. My experiences as a visual artist have taught me to appreciate my ability to navigate the wealth of visual stimuli I encounter every day. My experiences and training in the visual arts have helped inform my understanding of art education’s worth as a tool of analysis, comprehension and personal identification.
Although I value the power of education as a whole, little can compare to how valuable I find my knowledge of the visual arts and the ability of that knowledge to help me make informed decisions about my environment and all that I encounter in life. I hope to impart all that I have learned through the visual arts to my students as an art educator.

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