Advocacy: Great School Arts Article by Rama Hughes

This afternoon I read the greatest art advocacy article in the latest issue of School Arts magazine. Written by Rama Hughes, this article about the importance of art as a life skill and visual language struck a chord in me, and I hope every art educator uses it as an advocacy tool. Read it for yourself here: On Art and Art Education

Wish Tree Project Update

I am getting our wishes from our Wish Tree packed up and ready to send off. While I was checking out the mailing info for sending our wishes to the Imagine Peace project in Iceland I was poking around their website and I discovered this:

My principal blogged about our wish tree close to the end of the year when the project was in full swing. The Imagine Peace website picked it up and posted it on their website. So exciting!

Also, I noticed that this post on their site had been retweeted, so check this out:

How cool is it to have your school tweeted about by Yoko Ono?