Art Teacher Field Trip: Robert Irwin’s All the Rules Will Change at the Hirschhorn Museum

What do art teachers do on the weekends? Take their kids to art museums of course! Actually, considering our close proximity to the nation’s capital and a plethora of museums and galleries, I don’t think I do this nearly enough. These photos are from September 4th, our final summer art adventure before school started. We went to the Hirschhorn to see Robert Irwin: All the Rules Will Change before it closed. It was fun talking about art and what makes something a painting with my ex-art teacher best friend, her mom, and my son. My favorite was the giant scrim that created a false wall/optical illusion in the iconic circular building. We also enjoyed speculating about the number of markers it took to complete Linn Meyers Our View From Here. My son’s favorite piece was “Still Life with Spirit and Xitle” by Jimmie Durham which was located outside, before we even entered the museum.

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