Ceramics Lesson: Imaginative Model Homes

I borrowed this lesson from a fellow art teacher in our county- Ashley Birkmaier. While discussing mixed results of ceramics and my worries over the coming ceramics art assessment, Ashley shared some photos of student examples of an imaginative home lesson she had written. Students were shown examples of unusual homes such as the Nautilus house designed by Javier Senosiain and an automobile shaped house designed by Markus Voglreiter  Each student then developed a list of their own personal interests, traits, or talents that could be used as inspiration for their own home. Students created multiple sketches to plan for their sculpture, selected their favorite sketch, then labeled their sketch to show which ceramic hand building techniques they intended to use when the began sculpting.

IMG_0244I have taught this lesson twice so far, and each year the model houses are more interesting than the last. I love how each house is completely different and by designing their own solution to the problem each student has to solve the problem of transforming a two-dimensional sketch into a three-dimensional sculpture. I am posting a few images from last year, and I will update next week as my current sixth graders houses are fresh out of the kiln from glaze firing.

IMG_3433IMG_3422Since this is my last ceramics lesson post for the week, I thought I would share an added bonus lesson by one of my art teacher colleagues from the past. She had an extra couple of weeks because we did not have as many snow days and decided to create ceramic relief tiles of architectural facades. Each artwork was inspired by a combination of classical and modern architectural elements. Here are some of her students beautiful work that we shared during our annual pyramid art show.

IMG_4936 IMG_4937 IMG_4938


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