New Room Update

I know I haven’t been posting much lately- my online presence has dwindled dramatically- I have been focused on work and family, and since preschool started our family has been struggling with a hectic schedule and frequent illnesses.

I am currently juggling many projects at work, but the most exciting is still the progress of my new art classroom. I hope to document the whole process of packing and moving to my new classroom, and all of the excitement that comes with that, but right now I am still sorting out the logistics of the big move. I am still scheduled to move over the winter break, which means I have finally begun planning and starting to sort and pack. Over the next month and a half I will be packing my room one media at a time until only the essentials are left the last week. I have every grade level using the same media at the same time right now to limit the amount of different types of materials that need to be out. Right now all grade levels are working on landscape painting- once that is finished I will post some examples of my students work and descriptions of the different lessons. Next will be ceramics or K-3rd grade, and collage for 4th-6th. Until then, here are some art room-under-construction photos to tide you over.

Here is my room at the beginning of October.

And here it is as of yesterday morning.

They just installed my cabinets. I don’t know if you can tell from the photo- the holes left in the cabinets are for the sinks (x4). The empty wall with the long horizontal hanging light is where my smart board is being installed with the smart document camera and laptop plugged directly into the wall.

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