Some of you may remember my classroom as it appears in the photo below-   spic and span, ready to welcome the students when they arrive. But it doesn’t always look like this.

In actuality, this is what it looks like when first walk in after summer break.

Feel free to try to count the boxes. But keep in mind- you can’t even see them all. There are two whole tables full that are hidden behind the first table on the right. A little overwhelming, isn’t it?

So imagine my surprise when I opened the door to my meticulously organized storage room which had transformed from this:

to this:

Now- upon first glance it might look that different- more boxes piled up, floor tiles removed, empty cabinet. But the longer I looked, the more things I noticed were out-of-place.

First- the yarn wall- previously my yarn was organized in color order- rainbow style. Obviously that is no longer the case.

Next I realized that the cabinet near the bottom of the photo was empty. Actually, when I first walked in I noticed that the cabinet was non-existent I actually found an empty space where a cabinet should have been, and found the empty cabinet at the front of my classroom. I took this photo after I moved it back to the storage room where it belonged.

The more I stood in my storage room the more I realized what kind of major over haul must have occurred in there. After hyperventilating and acting a little hysterical, I got myself together and dove in to really sort it out.Obviously unpacking the boxes would have to wait, as I quickly discovered that every single item had been removed from the storage room, the shelving was dismantled and removed, the floor was removed, the shelves were rebuilt, and finally the supplies were quickly returned to the shelves. The evidence was there in the form of stilts to reattach the shelving, labels on countertops were on the inside of the counter near the walls, and I found many boxes of miscellaneous supplies haphazardly thrown together into boxes and stashed wherever they fit on the shelves.


Thankfully, organizing art supplies is my specialty, and I reminded myself that all of this is for the good of the school. Every teacher in our building has been through this disassembling and summer scramble. I also reminded myself that all of this is worth it for the great big payoff at the end- a brand new, state-of-the-art classroom to call my very own. After sorting out the storage room disarray I had the opportunity to take a walking tour of the new wing of the school that is currently in progress- and here is the best stop- my new art room. Check out those amazing, enormous windows! I know it takes a lot of imagination but the size of the space and the fantastic view, plus kiln room & storage room fit for a palace will certainly make up for one day of startling storage room. I will be moving into my brand new classroom in December, which means packing up the entire art room, moving it (with the assistance of a moving crew of course) and unpacking it to set up for the next week. But did you see those windows? And did I mention- 5 sinks, storage room tabletop work station, built-in portfolio storage and I get to pick my own furniture? The photo above may look like a dusty construction site to you, but I see a masterpiece in progress.

2 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.

  1. You color code your yarn!? I LOVE IT! I thought I was the only hyper-organized teacher on the planet. You should see my bookshelves, my curriculum notebooks and teaching materials. All of it is color coded, filed, indexed, and filed by year. Your new room looks AMAZING. I’m assuming it’ll be even more well organized and that they’ll be photos of it as well, yes?!

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