Organization: Storage Room 2010

I teach at a school that was built long ago- one of the first schools in my district. The school was once a high school, and it has gradually been upgraded with rennovations and additions over the years. I teach art in the largest room in the basement of the school, which is part of the original building. Once upon a time my art room was the original cafeteria of the school. Later it was a science lab, and now it is my art room. My storage room is directly beside (and appears to have once been a part of) the boiler room. Sometimes it reminds me of the caves in Fraggle Rock, and frequently I hear banging pipes, and steam- which adds a train station vibe to the place.Looking at the photo above, I feel like my storage room doesn’t look very organized at all, considering I spent nearly a week before my official contracted hours stripping it bare of all items that hadn’t been used during the past two years since I have been teaching at this school. These photos give you a tour of the storage room shelves counter clockwise starting on the left side of the room. The majority of my drawing supplies are stored on these shelves in bins per table when not in use during the school year. Here you can see my back up stash of chalk, oil pastels, markers, color pencils, pencils, pens, erasers etc.

Shelf 2 & 3 show more of the drawing supplies as well as the less frequently used supplies such as printing ink, brayers & lino cutters. At the bottom of shelf three you can see the stash of interior design fabric swatch books we sometimes use for collage.

Shelves 5 & 6 Show the variety of yarn we have on hand. The storage bins and carboard boxes on the top shelf store skeins of emergency yarn and cones of yarn that wont yet fit on the shelves. The storage bin on the right holds the whole craft supply stash- beads, pipecleaners, found objects for kinders, woodsie shapes and craft sticks. (no googly eyes or glitter;)While I rarely use these items, I frequently have classroom teachers asking for them and they come in handy.

In this photo you can also see the lower shelves, which in this case are holding 18×24 construction paper and grey bogus painting paper.

Here you can see the first shelf on the right side of the room. This side is mostly paper storage. 12×18 construction paper is stored in stacks by color. Near the bottom of the shelves you can see the newsprint, 18×24 and 12×18 drawing paper. There are tons of reams of 12×18 stored on the lower shelves just out of view. The storage bins in the upper left corner of the photo contain paper making supplies- each bin is a paper making station.

The next photo shows another section of construction paper storage. The carboard boxes on the top left is a traitex yarn dispenser box- we have four of these for fiber arts projects. The paper storage box currently holds a ton of empty thread spools I hope to use for kinetic sculptures with my second graders.

This photo shows the last storage section on the right side of the storage room- on top are boxes of white model magic. Inside the cubby I store poster board in order by color, as well as a small box of recycled materials. On top of the cubby you can see a stack of empty poster board boxes- these are the perfect size for storing paintings- I have been saving them so that I have one for each class that I teach- I still need about four more to have a complete set.Finally, here is my tiny kiln room. I think it might have been a broom closet at one time. The cart in front of the kiln holds stilts and other ceramic firing accessories sorted into small bowls by size.

I plan to continue posting about organization strategies I have been using in my room. In my next installment I will cover some of the organization inside the art room including different areas of the art room and table organization. Drawing & Painting organization will also be coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Organization: Storage Room 2010

  1. I think it looks pretty impressive! My art room used to the the old library. It is only slightly larger than a classroom, but has double doors. My storage is just on shelves and carts in the classroom and a closet outside the room. I have no complaints, however. My colleague teaches in about a third the space of my room, but does have quite the impressive storage room space. I’ll keep what I have.

    Looks like you have a nice kiln. Is it digital?


    • It is a digital paragon. Others in the county we recently complaining aboutthe bricks breaking down or crumbling and I have that a tiny bit, but overall it it fine. This is the kiln that I accidentally fired my first year of Empty Bowls at a cone 5 instead of cone 05- I have a shelf of Salvador Dali-esque melted pancake bowls as a reminder.

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