Video Tutorial: Coil Baskets made from recycled grocery bags

Today I spent many hours recording, editing, and uploading tutorial videos that show how to create a coil basket using recycled grocery bags. This is a beloved final project for my sixth graders every year, and they were eager to work on their coil baskets from home, but wanted to have the instructions available on video in case they had trouble working independently. I set up my flip mino on a mini tripod but i really need something taller so that I can film over my own shoulder- the mini tripod has to be located so close to my hands that it can never really focus completely.

At any rate, in the past my students have only had xeroxed handouts that showed hand-drawn pictures of the coil basket weaving process, so this is a dramatic improvement, and the videos could potentially be played by my substitute as a review while I am at a day-long meeting on Thursday.
The tutorial is broken down into brief segment to allow student to select the specific step they are having trouble with. I have seen many coil basket ideas that involved recycled materials, my favorite being the Spiral Foundation, but this picture tutorial from Clever Nesting helped me the most.
I used to spend tons of money from my budget purchasing coil rope core for this project, and now Our coiling core is free AND earth friendly!

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About Sarah DeWitt Brooks

I am an elementary art teacher for grades K-6 in Northern Virginia. I am trying to find the balance between creating lessons that are personally meaningful to my students while teaching and reinforcing 21st century skills and visual art skills and techniques. I am also interested in integrating technology for instruction and student artmaking in my classroom. On the side, I am a mixed media artist dabbling in drawing, painting, printmaking, art journaling and digital photography.
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5 Responses to Video Tutorial: Coil Baskets made from recycled grocery bags

  1. Angie says:

    Wow. Thanks for posting this. I’ve made these before, but a video is always nice.

  2. Excellent tutorial, thanks!! Wonderful to recycle those plastic bags too!!

  3. trish says:

    Great Instructional vids, Thanks for taking the time.

  4. karina says:

    :) thank you sarah for posting this, it really helped and after never making one before inspired me to go on creating more….


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